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2015, last post …………

Well, it has been a hectic month or two.  I have been very remiss again with my updates.

Star Pilates with Jackie Brealey

We had our lovely American friend staying all November, consequently all our spare time was spent shopping and sightseeing with Marilyn.  And a great time was had by all!  I have spent more time shopping in November than in the the last 5 years……phew, the lady can shop, I was on my knees.  Talk about last post, last legs I think.  We did have a fantastic month though so i’m not complaining. We went for cocktails and a fab meal up the Shard.  The Christmas decorations were stunning and the food delicious, and we decided two sweets were probably enough between the three of us (we all have small appetites!).  Fell about laughing when they turned up and they weren’t big enough to feed a sparrow!!

December was equally busy, have to admit there was quite a bit of partying as well as working!  I had some great fun in the classes on the run up to Christmas despite quite a few being off poorly.  And I was lucky enough to be covering quite a few classes at Pennyhill and the Berystede.  2015, has been great year workwise, the cover classes and all my own clients. This is my last post for 2015 and I want to thank everyone for their support and attendance in this last year.  Love you guys.

Wishing everyone a great new year, and may 2016 bring you all the health and happiness………..and Pilates you could wish for. 🙂

Working hard at the development weekend!

Well as another weekend draws to a close, i’m left wondering where it went lol! Actually I did pack a fair bit in!! After a lovely full week of classes, and a new lady on Tuesday (whose name I will never forget as its the same as yours truely) good to see you Jackie! One client with a suspect broken toe and a couple with bugs……..yes the cold evenings are taking their toll! Everyone working hard …….as always…..And yes I too worked hard on Saturday morning! I’m sure all my people will be pleased to know I was working  my butt off in a class at the anual Pilates Body Control development weekend. I woke this morning with a aching glutes and legs! Yes it hurts me too when I do a whole class! Had a taste of my own medicine!  Also had 3 very interesting lectures on the benefits of Pilates as a tool to combat backpain and from a surgeon who operates on spinal problems. The surgeon was very entertaining, funny and very engaging. Usually my mind wanders but he really kept me interested, so much so I actually stayed beyond finishing time to watch a cervical disc operation on film! Not my thing normally (bit queezy usually) but it really was fascinating stuff. The guy really enthused abiout his work. But also great to know he respects the stuff we Pilates instructors are trying to do to help with back pain and movement. And good to see the problems that people cope with on a surgical scale so we are more aware of what we have to deal with in class sometimes,  and how we are working them.
Sunday morning and we met up on the bikes to attend a Bike awareness meet run by Guildford Fire Station. Slight hiccup with a couple of bikes, resilting in a broken thumb which needs surgery (not mine, phew). And daughters bulldog pup! She has returned home this evening so relief from the mad hairy one! Again phew!!

Guess not all working!  All work and no play makes Jak a very dull gal!
Off to bed now, ready for another Pilates week! Nght peeps 🙂


Downward facing Dog with Jackie Brealey

Highways and holidays

inside thigh stretch with Jackie BrealeyEvening all, end of another great week.  Well a great week Pilates wise……….NOT moving house wise.   Good thing it has been another busy weekor I may just have gone insane!  How can it take one solicitor so long to complete this, such incompetance!  Not my solicitor I might add, but our vendors.  With only a week before we hit the highway and head off on holiday to the U.S. it is incredibly frustrating to still not have a moving date!  He now is insisting his clients have somehow sent the documents somewhere other than his office.  It’s is enought o make you want to commit murder!!

Anyway rant over, my lovely clients have kept me sane this week with hard work and encouraging words….and even flowers, thank you Joy.

We had another week of footwork, with lots of glutes and (abs, obviously).  Had some good feedback from one of my ladies who has nerve damage in her back with the result of a dropped foot,  and all the work we have been doing has really improved her strength and movement.  It’s  good to know it is helping.  All the glutework will help re-align the body and in turn help reduce back pain.  Been quite amusing watching people trying to engage glutes without tucking their pelvis under.  I do love the concentration on the faces.

Four point kneeling with leg extension with Jackie Brealey

On a very positive note I have had a lot of enquiries on my website about classes and private sessions and introduced some new ladies to my classes.  In a traditionally quiet time of the year with the holiday season started  nice to know I am still busy, thank you people.

May have to think about starting a new  class!

Last but not least, I have had a number of emails about holiday  cover at Pennyhill and the Berystede…..and there was me thinking August was going to be a quiet month.  Love it, great to be busy.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.





Something old, something new…….

Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue!

Something old……me……no not really, though I have to admit i feel that way sometimes!!  No the something old this week means my regular weekly classes.  No not my clients ages, the fact that they have been going for a while.  I have been teaching 10 years now and some of my clients have been with me that long!  So pleased that the still get as much out of their pilates with me now as they did when they started.  Monday class was pushed a little and then were a little put out that  I couldn’t do coffee after class this week, sorry ladies, can’t do next week either,  but back to normal in June.  Tuesday classes all went marvellously, had a few missing due to illnes and injury!  Hope my lady who was thrown from her horse is feeling less bruised now!  Wednesday’s ladies did a great job as always.  Thursday’s classes had a few comments about how mean i was to do double reps of some of the ab work, you know you love it ladies!!  And today’s class?…..well, good Lord, I struggled to get them to pay attention.  Yes, they do work but their chatter was incessant today, I have threatened gaffa tape next week it they keep THAT up!!  Next week I may have to sit on them…..metaphorically speaking of course.

Something new…………faboulous new session at Pennyhill Park Spa as a relief instructor.  What a lovely studio.  A lot of my classes are taught in village halls which are quite adequate, but always lovely to teach in a dedicated studio!  Think I will enjoy my teaching sessions there, happy to cover classe’s anytime!

Toning circle by Jackie Brealey

Something borrowed………Also covering classes at the Berystede for their regular intructor.  She and I have been covering classes for a few years now on a Tuesday, great to be able to ‘borrow’ more of her clients while she is away.

Something blue………hmphhhh!!  Our house move is not exactly going as we planned it!  Our vendors have only one speed….slow!  To be more precise,  STOP!  How on earth can it take 13 weeks to instruct your solicitor, yes it is making me feel very blue!  Lets hope next week will bring better news on that front.

It’s a good thing I have such a great bunch of clients to help me take my mind off the blue!  They are fun and hardworking and I couldn’t ask for more than that.

Busy, busy ….I’m so dizzy!!


Just had a chilled Sunday with my daughters puppy, (she is in Vegas!) after a manically busy two days  in London! Friends with 50th celebrations on Friday and Saturday!  Think I may be past the two days on the the trot celebrating experience, so tired!

Had a busy time last week with my classes, but next week is going to be mega!!.

Tuesday evening at Bisley village Hall there are now two classes, so space for my extra clients and more.  Message me if you are interested in joining a class in Bisley.

Tuesday 3rd March is  the start of a new public class at “Fullbrook Sports Centre”.  Really looking forward to teaching at Fullbrook. If you are in the Woking,  Woodham, New Haw area and want a Pilates class come on down!  If this class goes well then we may be able to add new times.

And……i have a new private class at Gordon’s.  Great to be teaching some of the staff here, they have been without a teacher for a while so great to get them back into the Pilates Swing!