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Working hard at the development weekend!

Well as another weekend draws to a close, i’m left wondering where it went lol! Actually I did pack a fair bit in!! After a lovely full week of classes, and a new lady on Tuesday (whose name I will never forget as its the same as yours truely) good to see you Jackie! One client with a suspect broken toe and a couple with bugs……..yes the cold evenings are taking their toll! Everyone working hard …….as always…..And yes I too worked hard on Saturday morning! I’m sure all my people will be pleased to know I was working  my butt off in a class at the anual Pilates Body Control development weekend. I woke this morning with a aching glutes and legs! Yes it hurts me too when I do a whole class! Had a taste of my own medicine!  Also had 3 very interesting lectures on the benefits of Pilates as a tool to combat backpain and from a surgeon who operates on spinal problems. The surgeon was very entertaining, funny and very engaging. Usually my mind wanders but he really kept me interested, so much so I actually stayed beyond finishing time to watch a cervical disc operation on film! Not my thing normally (bit queezy usually) but it really was fascinating stuff. The guy really enthused abiout his work. But also great to know he respects the stuff we Pilates instructors are trying to do to help with back pain and movement. And good to see the problems that people cope with on a surgical scale so we are more aware of what we have to deal with in class sometimes,  and how we are working them.
Sunday morning and we met up on the bikes to attend a Bike awareness meet run by Guildford Fire Station. Slight hiccup with a couple of bikes, resilting in a broken thumb which needs surgery (not mine, phew). And daughters bulldog pup! She has returned home this evening so relief from the mad hairy one! Again phew!!

Guess not all working!  All work and no play makes Jak a very dull gal!
Off to bed now, ready for another Pilates week! Nght peeps 🙂


Downward facing Dog with Jackie Brealey

Happy Tapping


Another Pilates week down.

Had more cover classes at the Berystede this week and al lot of hard work from everyone,  my own clients and my ‘borrowed’ ones at my cover classes!  My ladies and gents really do put a lot into their pilates, makes me very proud that they keep coming back and enjoy it (well they say they do to so i guess that’s good!) What they say behind my back when they are nursing ‘ouchy’ tummy muscles and glutes is anyone’s guess!!

Very glad to see my lady who was thrown off her horse, back again. Was a tad worried about her, but bruised and battered she returned with renewed vigour albeit it tenderely!!
I have two new ladies for assessements next week so hope to be joing them to future classes. And if I ever get a spare hour or two I have a pile of flyers to deliver round and about…….been a little lax on that front!  Hey ho, need more hours in the week!!

Exercise for the weekend!!

back stretch with Jackie Brealey

How about some toe taps?

Lying on your back, in nuetral (or with a small ball just tucked under your tailbone and all your spine into the mat if you are feeling less strong) lifting one leg at a time, so both legs are up as your start position.  Then one leg at a time, with ‘loose’ feet tap the toes down onto the mat and lift back to the start position breathing in for a tap on each foot and out for a tap on each foot.  Keep the lower abdominals scooped to the backbone, and keep going for 20 reps.  Have a little break and repeat 4 times more.  Don’t let your ribcage arch off the mat, anchor it back, and keep the neck relaxed with or without  a small pillow.  Repeat the whole thing again on Sunday and Monday, and you can feel very righteous!

Happy tapping folks!

Enjoy your Bank holiday weekend


Loud and lively

Well, what a weekend that was!!   Obviously a typically English Bank Holiday, weather wet and windy for the most part……….soooo glad we weren’t camping!

Five Harley’s set off on Friday afternoon, yes, in rush hour bank holiday traffic, for a weekend of loud and lively fun!!  We were heading for Pontin’s in Wester-Super-Mare to meet up with 2-300 other Harley’s and riders for Bridgewater Cider Rally.  Really didn’t know what to expect but after a frustrating week of going nowhere on our house move front we decided it would be good to just forget and go have fun!  The traffic was diabolical and we filtered through at least half of the journey down there!  But fun we had.  Five live bands over 3 nights and a great DJ after until 3 in the morning.  A fair bit of beer and cider consumed,  a lot of boogying on the dance floor, some very funny school days fancy dress costumes, and some very amusing company!

The accommodation was a tad hi-de-hi and the food very school canteen but hey, it was a very funny weekend!  The Harleys were tucked up most of the time and we caught the open top bus into the town and the pier!  What an up market peir that is!  Yes still alot of the slots and penny push machines but some awesome simulaters and go karts.  Very good to be out of the wind and rain too!

On Sunday in town was a moto cross demo by four stunt riders, which was awesome!  Up a ramp and jumping as high as some of the buildings behind, somersaults and acrobatics………..definitely not for Harley’s!!

So as you can imagine, no Pilates over my weekend!! And way too much sugar!! Chocolate, candy and cream teas…….all bad for a Pilates body…….any body to be fair.  However, about 6 hours on the dance floor over 3 nights has to counteract some of the bad stuff!!

So this week with renewed vigour, after a loud and lively weekend, it will be less loud less lively, working on my own Pilates body to repair some of the damage done with the bad diet.  And with my lovely clients.

Exercise for the week will be Spine curls with ribcage closure!  Lenthening each vertebra and using the abdominals in the spine curl. Weight even on the feet.a high spiral curl pilates exercise with Jackie Brealey  Shoulders connected to the ribs and getting that ribcage on the mat before the lumbar spine!  See you in class!