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Pilates for everyone

Toning circle Pilates with Jackie BrealeyWell, we have now been in the new house for over 6 months, and it feels like all the nightmare’s we faced in the whole process are far and away behind us.  We LOVE it here and I guess eveyone did tell us it all happens for a reason, and I have to now reluctantly agree, we did end up with the best of the lot.  So nice to be able to now  be making it our own (much decorating needed to bring it into this centuary, you would not believe the layers of embossed wallpaper) and concentrate on teaching more people Pilateswithjackie !!

It has been a difficult few months with family emergencies and many of my lovely people off with nasty bugs and now hoping that all this is behind us as the month progresses.

I have had a wonderful response to my website and facebook page and so many enquiries from people wanting to join “my gang”.  I have felt very privileged with all the compliments on how much my classes and 1:1’s have helped and although there are always people that move on for one reason or another I have increased all my class sizes and have a great full class at another school.  Massive thanks to Sabrina for ringing the praises of the Pilates effect on her body and encouraging the teachers to join her in a brand new class at the Hermitage school near Woking.

I have had more enquiries in December than ever before and again this last week, that I am beginning to feel I need more hours in the day to fit in the assesments……but hey I’m not complaining.

I also have a lovely husband and wife team I teach at their home.  It is a late session but I have to admit they are so entertaining that this matters not.  They are very competative, and funny but work incredibly hard and this makes it a joy to teach them.

My class at the Berystede is proving very popular with people fighting (metaphorically speaking – they don’t actually resort to fisticuffs in the hallways) to get on to the list.

We have quite a few more guys in the classes now and I believe the biggest improvements I see in bodies are usually in the guys.  The benefits far outweigh the ‘stigma’ of joining what most deemed to be a ‘ladies’ exercise regime.  They know know its not just for the girls, Pilates is for everyone!!

So people, expect more!!  We will see the return of the roller next week.  The toning circles have been fun this week, and mighty hard work.  Even my glutes have been complaining|!!


New Year, new start, new you!

Happy New Year to everyone out there.  I hope all those of you who were poorly over the festive season are all better  now.  All the decorations are down (even if not packed away)  and we are all ready for a positive January.   All those choccies and mince pies are eaten and  looking forward to new start with an exercise regime ready for a post Christmas body and a new you!

On a personal note,  my own 2016  had a negative start this week!!!.  Another vendor pulling out in exchange week……how unlucky can we be on the moving house front.  What did we do to deserve all this hassle with trying to buy a new home!  We are doing our best to keep busy and stay focused in the hope that this will all turn out for the best……eventually, but quite hard at the moment to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  So, only one thing for it, forget it, line myself up with more work, throw ourselves back out there and start having some fun.  We have been so long in limbo, we have foregone our social life somewhat.  We are now on house 3, so fingers crossed 3rd time lucky!

Pink mat with Jackie Brealey

And, throwing myself into work I am looking at running some more Pilates sessions in January, in Bagshot, Ascot, and Bisley.  Had some great holiday cover sessions at Pennyhill and the Berystede and and going to use my spare time to do a massive leaflet drop in Bisley, West End, Chobham and Lightwater, and the surrounding area to encourage those people who have thought about Pilates but not quite got around to actually doing it, to pick up the phone and join a class.  Good exercise for me amd hopefully bring some more bodies to the Pilates “table”.  Everyone needs a fresh, new start at this time of the year and what better way to kick off your 2016 fitness regime with a Pilates session or classes.  I know I am not alone in this as I have already had a lot of enquiries about assessements and class timeables.  We all need a little help to get motivated and what better way to do that than with a PIlates class.

Eagle radio had a successful Advent competition, with some great advertising for local business, me being one of them, offering classes or one-to-one Pilates as one of the prizes.  I am looking forward to meeting the lady who won all 24 advent day prizes.  Congratualations Claire.

Lets do it people, new year, new start, new you!!

Just want to wish my gorgeous hubby a very happy 7th Wedding anniversary.  Love you more than ever x

Endings and fresh starts!

Well, it has sure been a rollercoaster year with highs and lows, excitement and dissapointment!  Hopefully coming up to the festive season we can we can forget about all the crap and stress ONE woman caused us for nearly nine months over our hopes to move house and truely move on!

It has been like a year in limbo, waiting for something that we eventually realised was never going to happen.  Why put your house on the market, spend 8 months going through the motions and then going to ground at the last hurdle!  Finally 4 days after our supposed exchange date she emailed to say she was withdrawing……no reason, no apology, no consience and no manners.  There really should be a change of law and practice in this country with house sales.  I guess I am naive enough to believe there is some good in everyone, I have amazing family, friends and clients and they all have the same values and morals as me and therefore I was shocked she could have been so aweful.  And so………

We have found another house, resold ours, everything is moving forward (hopefuly with no hiccups this time!)  Endings and fresh starts!

Pilates classes are all going fabulously……..that is mostly due to my great and lovely hardworking clients.  There have been some pretty horrible things going on in other people’s lives and my problems pale by comparison.  I am humbled by the strength and determination of some of my peeps to keep going when things appear so hopeless…..they know who they are and I I hope they are out of the worst and moving forward on more posotive notes.   It is very difficult not to be moved by other people’s plght’s knowing what they face and I hope in some tiny part I have been able to help with a shoulder, an ear and an exercise or two!  Love you guys, you do inspire me……..Endings and fresh starts!  Keep possitive!

Floating Arms with Jackie Brealey

It has been a pleasure to teach not only my own classes but so many cover classes at the Berystede and Penyhill Park.   And now due to a moving on of one of the instructors at the Berystede I am very privaliged to now have one of my own classes to teach there on a Friday morning.  I will still be available for cover here and elsewhere but it is great to be a permanant part of the team there.  Best of luck Gary for your future classes.  Endings and fresh starts!

And finally some Pilates news…….. I have had a suprise call from a certain local radio station about being part of their Christmas promotion.  Very excited about that, great advertising for me and I love the music they play!  Will let you know more soon……….Watch this space…….No endings but could be some fresh starts!!!

Keep up the good work Pilates peeps!!


Highways and holidays

inside thigh stretch with Jackie BrealeyEvening all, end of another great week.  Well a great week Pilates wise……….NOT moving house wise.   Good thing it has been another busy weekor I may just have gone insane!  How can it take one solicitor so long to complete this, such incompetance!  Not my solicitor I might add, but our vendors.  With only a week before we hit the highway and head off on holiday to the U.S. it is incredibly frustrating to still not have a moving date!  He now is insisting his clients have somehow sent the documents somewhere other than his office.  It’s is enought o make you want to commit murder!!

Anyway rant over, my lovely clients have kept me sane this week with hard work and encouraging words….and even flowers, thank you Joy.

We had another week of footwork, with lots of glutes and (abs, obviously).  Had some good feedback from one of my ladies who has nerve damage in her back with the result of a dropped foot,  and all the work we have been doing has really improved her strength and movement.  It’s  good to know it is helping.  All the glutework will help re-align the body and in turn help reduce back pain.  Been quite amusing watching people trying to engage glutes without tucking their pelvis under.  I do love the concentration on the faces.

Four point kneeling with leg extension with Jackie Brealey

On a very positive note I have had a lot of enquiries on my website about classes and private sessions and introduced some new ladies to my classes.  In a traditionally quiet time of the year with the holiday season started  nice to know I am still busy, thank you people.

May have to think about starting a new  class!

Last but not least, I have had a number of emails about holiday  cover at Pennyhill and the Berystede…..and there was me thinking August was going to be a quiet month.  Love it, great to be busy.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.





Something old, something new…….

Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue!

Something old……me……no not really, though I have to admit i feel that way sometimes!!  No the something old this week means my regular weekly classes.  No not my clients ages, the fact that they have been going for a while.  I have been teaching 10 years now and some of my clients have been with me that long!  So pleased that the still get as much out of their pilates with me now as they did when they started.  Monday class was pushed a little and then were a little put out that  I couldn’t do coffee after class this week, sorry ladies, can’t do next week either,  but back to normal in June.  Tuesday classes all went marvellously, had a few missing due to illnes and injury!  Hope my lady who was thrown from her horse is feeling less bruised now!  Wednesday’s ladies did a great job as always.  Thursday’s classes had a few comments about how mean i was to do double reps of some of the ab work, you know you love it ladies!!  And today’s class?…..well, good Lord, I struggled to get them to pay attention.  Yes, they do work but their chatter was incessant today, I have threatened gaffa tape next week it they keep THAT up!!  Next week I may have to sit on them…..metaphorically speaking of course.

Something new…………faboulous new session at Pennyhill Park Spa as a relief instructor.  What a lovely studio.  A lot of my classes are taught in village halls which are quite adequate, but always lovely to teach in a dedicated studio!  Think I will enjoy my teaching sessions there, happy to cover classe’s anytime!

Toning circle by Jackie Brealey

Something borrowed………Also covering classes at the Berystede for their regular intructor.  She and I have been covering classes for a few years now on a Tuesday, great to be able to ‘borrow’ more of her clients while she is away.

Something blue………hmphhhh!!  Our house move is not exactly going as we planned it!  Our vendors have only one speed….slow!  To be more precise,  STOP!  How on earth can it take 13 weeks to instruct your solicitor, yes it is making me feel very blue!  Lets hope next week will bring better news on that front.

It’s a good thing I have such a great bunch of clients to help me take my mind off the blue!  They are fun and hardworking and I couldn’t ask for more than that.

Singing, dancing and pilates……hard work

My week started off with a day in London with my band recording a track for a college project.  We had a ball and I learnt a lot!  Long, long day but such fun!

Then it was a great Pilates week starting with classes in Bilsey.

Classes in Bisley were hard work and fun.  We had some laughs this week, and a fair bit of pushing (on my part) when minds wandered!!  A few difficult moments shared and talked through after class, and all in all very proud of my ladies and gents.

My Lightwater ladies did a good job and my lovely private client never ceases to amaze me with her determination despite another small setback.  she really is an inspiration!

Fullbrook, in New Haw, my new class is up on no’s…….always good news.  Still quiet but building slowly.

Gordon’s ladies and gent worked very hard this week, so nice to have a new class getting to grips with the Pilates exercises so diligently and having fun too.

And the week ended with a great Hen weekend in Brighton with some lovely friends, but not a lot of sleep!  Not the best time to have a long night the day the clocks go forward!

I am looking forward to a long easter weekend!

New Haw, new Class

Well last week was the final preparation for the new class in New Haw.

Checked out the venue, perfect size, and it is so nice to have a space that is that is warm enough.  Some places i have taught in Village Hall’s I have to arrive so early to turn up the heating……really don’t want my clients freezing!

I have been welcomed by the Manager and assistant manager of the Fullbrook Sports Centre and it is great to be able to add another new class at new Haw.

I realise it will take time to get the word out but i am really looking forward to meeting some new clients

Fullbrook …..update!

So the new timetable at Fullbrook Sports Centre had been organised and printed…….just not put on the website!  This would probably account for the lack of Pilates peeps at class!  This is being addressed today hopefully so i won’t be on my lonesome next week!!

Anyone interested in classes close to Fullbrook in New Haw, Addlestone and woodham, give us a try!


Fullbrook Sports…..New Class!

Well, i was very excited to have started a new class at Fullbrook this week.  Its a great space and i am confident that once the news about the new class is out then it will fill up fast!  I had a lady in my Gordon’s class today tell me she had looked at the Fullbrook Sports timetable and was disappointed there was no Pilates class.  The new timetable has only just come out so now I can tell people there is!!  So, anyone in the New Haw,  Woodham area who would like a local Pilates class join us at Fullbrook Sports, 5.30 on a Tuesday evening.  You can contact me here on my website if you would like more information or just come on down.

Later on a Tuesday evening I now have two classes at Bisley Village Hall and they are both filling up fast!  Always a difficult decision to go from one to two, but definitely not a decision I regret, I now have room for my new beginners and the people on my waiting lists!  Just hoping the traffic between New Haw and Bisley will be kind on my way from one to the other!

My new class at Gordon’s was full tonight, and what a great bunch of people!  I worked them hard and they took it all on the chin…….so to speak!  Well done ladies and gent, looking forward to seeing you all again next week.

Watch out tomorrow ladies,  I have some great thigh and bum exercises.  Get ready for some hard work!