Pilates for everyone

Toning circle Pilates with Jackie BrealeyWell, we have now been in the new house for over 6 months, and it feels like all the nightmare’s we faced in the whole process are far and away behind us.  We LOVE it here and I guess eveyone did tell us it all happens for a reason, and I have to now reluctantly agree, we did end up with the best of the lot.  So nice to be able to now  be making it our own (much decorating needed to bring it into this centuary, you would not believe the layers of embossed wallpaper) and concentrate on teaching more people Pilateswithjackie !!

It has been a difficult few months with family emergencies and many of my lovely people off with nasty bugs and now hoping that all this is behind us as the month progresses.

I have had a wonderful response to my website and facebook page and so many enquiries from people wanting to join “my gang”.  I have felt very privileged with all the compliments on how much my classes and 1:1’s have helped and although there are always people that move on for one reason or another I have increased all my class sizes and have a great full class at another school.  Massive thanks to Sabrina for ringing the praises of the Pilates effect on her body and encouraging the teachers to join her in a brand new class at the Hermitage school near Woking.

I have had more enquiries in December than ever before and again this last week, that I am beginning to feel I need more hours in the day to fit in the assesments……but hey I’m not complaining.

I also have a lovely husband and wife team I teach at their home.  It is a late session but I have to admit they are so entertaining that this matters not.  They are very competative, and funny but work incredibly hard and this makes it a joy to teach them.

My class at the Berystede is proving very popular with people fighting (metaphorically speaking – they don’t actually resort to fisticuffs in the hallways) to get on to the list.

We have quite a few more guys in the classes now and I believe the biggest improvements I see in bodies are usually in the guys.  The benefits far outweigh the ‘stigma’ of joining what most deemed to be a ‘ladies’ exercise regime.  They know know its not just for the girls, Pilates is for everyone!!

So people, expect more!!  We will see the return of the roller next week.  The toning circles have been fun this week, and mighty hard work.  Even my glutes have been complaining|!!