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Spring into a new body……with Pilates

Well the spring is officially upon us, though I am quite sure the bad weather  is not done with us yet!  Looking out at all the blossom and having seen such a fantastic display of daffodils this year maybe I am wrong.  However with the spring comes the urge to purge…….bad habits, weight, clutter and lazy muscles!!  Well,  good news, Pilates can help with some of those.

Spring is an ideal opportunity to find a new fitness regime and what better way than to ease into it with a one-to-one session Pilates session in the comfort of your own home.  I can come a long at a convenient time and discuss what you think your problems are regarding exercise and your body.  I can run through  all your questions and fears and we can check out your strengths and weakness’s so we can get you moving in the right direction and strart re-aligning and re-shaping your muscles.

Spring time gives me a determination to get as fit as possible for those lighter evenings and the promise of some sunshine. The unburdening of all those winter jumpers  is like shedding your winter coat and becoming “leaner”.  Pilates helps with toning the muscles to become leaner and stronger, ready for the summer months when I can spend more time out doors………yes, even when the good old British weather doesn’t play fair.

Spring also is an invitation to start eating more healthily again.  I always struggle in the winter months because I feel I need to eat more to keep warm……a myth I’m sure, but my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!  I have my juicer out again and have really cut out a lot of sugar from my diet.  A difficult one for me as a real sugar-holic!!  I am also trying to increase my water intake and decrease the coffee, tea and …….gingerbeer!  I knew it was sugary but whoa, not that much!  Tying to add fresh ginger to my juicing and lemon to my water, great for internal cleansing and digestion.  And soon it will be salad season, and I can resist the pasta/potatoe urge for some greenery.  Love it!

So, hoping Spring is an incentive to you all too.  To get fit, ditch the sugar, and join a Pilates class!Downward facing Dog with Jackie Brealey


Pilates for a healthy back

Pilates exercise promotes good back health, among other things of course! The exercises teach good alignment of the spine and strengthening of the deep postural muscles which when weak can cause pain in the back, neck and other joints.
Pilates improves strength, flexibility and mobility and can teach awareness of good movement patterns in the spine and other joints.
Classes once (or twice a week if you have time) can really benefit your body by learning postural awareness and building up strength in your deep core muscles. This strength and good alignment learnt form your Pilates exercises can then be taken away with into your everyday life, and decrease the chance of back pain in your work or leisure time.

Leg extension with Jackie Brealey

Individuals with significant back problems may benefit form several one to one sessions. This also may be the case with beginners, and while private sessions may be more expensive than a class, the time and money may well be worth the investment to tailor make the exercises to suit your problems and ability.
All in all, these principles of good movement patterns for the back and joints are taught in some of the simplest exercises of the Pilates method.
If you are interested in learning more then come a long to a class either before work or in an evening and i can help point you in the right direction!
You can contact me on my website here or message me on my pilateswithjackie Facebook page.
Kick start your healthy back program by joining one of my Pilates classes or in a one to one session.