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Spring into a new body……with Pilates

Well the spring is officially upon us, though I am quite sure the bad weather  is not done with us yet!  Looking out at all the blossom and having seen such a fantastic display of daffodils this year maybe I am wrong.  However with the spring comes the urge to purge…….bad habits, weight, clutter and lazy muscles!!  Well,  good news, Pilates can help with some of those.

Spring is an ideal opportunity to find a new fitness regime and what better way than to ease into it with a one-to-one session Pilates session in the comfort of your own home.  I can come a long at a convenient time and discuss what you think your problems are regarding exercise and your body.  I can run through  all your questions and fears and we can check out your strengths and weakness’s so we can get you moving in the right direction and strart re-aligning and re-shaping your muscles.

Spring time gives me a determination to get as fit as possible for those lighter evenings and the promise of some sunshine. The unburdening of all those winter jumpers  is like shedding your winter coat and becoming “leaner”.  Pilates helps with toning the muscles to become leaner and stronger, ready for the summer months when I can spend more time out doors………yes, even when the good old British weather doesn’t play fair.

Spring also is an invitation to start eating more healthily again.  I always struggle in the winter months because I feel I need to eat more to keep warm……a myth I’m sure, but my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!  I have my juicer out again and have really cut out a lot of sugar from my diet.  A difficult one for me as a real sugar-holic!!  I am also trying to increase my water intake and decrease the coffee, tea and …….gingerbeer!  I knew it was sugary but whoa, not that much!  Tying to add fresh ginger to my juicing and lemon to my water, great for internal cleansing and digestion.  And soon it will be salad season, and I can resist the pasta/potatoe urge for some greenery.  Love it!

So, hoping Spring is an incentive to you all too.  To get fit, ditch the sugar, and join a Pilates class!Downward facing Dog with Jackie Brealey


New Year, new start, new you!

Happy New Year to everyone out there.  I hope all those of you who were poorly over the festive season are all better  now.  All the decorations are down (even if not packed away)  and we are all ready for a positive January.   All those choccies and mince pies are eaten and  looking forward to new start with an exercise regime ready for a post Christmas body and a new you!

On a personal note,  my own 2016  had a negative start this week!!!.  Another vendor pulling out in exchange week……how unlucky can we be on the moving house front.  What did we do to deserve all this hassle with trying to buy a new home!  We are doing our best to keep busy and stay focused in the hope that this will all turn out for the best……eventually, but quite hard at the moment to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  So, only one thing for it, forget it, line myself up with more work, throw ourselves back out there and start having some fun.  We have been so long in limbo, we have foregone our social life somewhat.  We are now on house 3, so fingers crossed 3rd time lucky!

Pink mat with Jackie Brealey

And, throwing myself into work I am looking at running some more Pilates sessions in January, in Bagshot, Ascot, and Bisley.  Had some great holiday cover sessions at Pennyhill and the Berystede and and going to use my spare time to do a massive leaflet drop in Bisley, West End, Chobham and Lightwater, and the surrounding area to encourage those people who have thought about Pilates but not quite got around to actually doing it, to pick up the phone and join a class.  Good exercise for me amd hopefully bring some more bodies to the Pilates “table”.  Everyone needs a fresh, new start at this time of the year and what better way to kick off your 2016 fitness regime with a Pilates session or classes.  I know I am not alone in this as I have already had a lot of enquiries about assessements and class timeables.  We all need a little help to get motivated and what better way to do that than with a PIlates class.

Eagle radio had a successful Advent competition, with some great advertising for local business, me being one of them, offering classes or one-to-one Pilates as one of the prizes.  I am looking forward to meeting the lady who won all 24 advent day prizes.  Congratualations Claire.

Lets do it people, new year, new start, new you!!

Just want to wish my gorgeous hubby a very happy 7th Wedding anniversary.  Love you more than ever x

2015, last post …………

Well, it has been a hectic month or two.  I have been very remiss again with my updates.

Star Pilates with Jackie Brealey

We had our lovely American friend staying all November, consequently all our spare time was spent shopping and sightseeing with Marilyn.  And a great time was had by all!  I have spent more time shopping in November than in the the last 5 years……phew, the lady can shop, I was on my knees.  Talk about last post, last legs I think.  We did have a fantastic month though so i’m not complaining. We went for cocktails and a fab meal up the Shard.  The Christmas decorations were stunning and the food delicious, and we decided two sweets were probably enough between the three of us (we all have small appetites!).  Fell about laughing when they turned up and they weren’t big enough to feed a sparrow!!

December was equally busy, have to admit there was quite a bit of partying as well as working!  I had some great fun in the classes on the run up to Christmas despite quite a few being off poorly.  And I was lucky enough to be covering quite a few classes at Pennyhill and the Berystede.  2015, has been great year workwise, the cover classes and all my own clients. This is my last post for 2015 and I want to thank everyone for their support and attendance in this last year.  Love you guys.

Wishing everyone a great new year, and may 2016 bring you all the health and happiness………..and Pilates you could wish for. 🙂

Something for the weekend

Pilates exercise for the weekend. Missed last weeks due to feeling yuk!
Arm Openings with neck stretch. A nice simple one.
Lie on you back with your feet on the floor and knees in line with you hips.
Reach both arms up to the ceiling above the chest.
Breath in to prepare and as you breath out lower your right arm out to the floor as you turn your head to the left.
Inhale to return your arm and head to the centre.
Do the same with the left arm and turning your head to the right.
Repeat 5 times with each arm.
Great for co-ordination. And for an upper arm and neck stretch.
Use it or lose it!

Pilates for men!

Tuesdays Pilates with Jackie,

A new male client yesterday.  Pilates for men too!

In our induction we ran through all the basics and looking forward to seeing him in next Tuesday  Pilates class a long side ‘the missus’!  My second Pilates for couples team.

Great to have a bit of competition between partners, even though they swear they are not!  Go the guys! Great to have another man on board.

So remember we love Pilates for men, get your man to join us.


New Class, New Beginnings!

New Pilates Class!

New Class set up after a great meeting with the Manager at Fulbrook Sport’s Centre for Pilates on a Tuesday, 5.30-6.30 starting March 3rd!

Anyone  who wants to to do Pilates in Woodham or New Haw, in our new class come on down.  New beginnings! Great to be branching out!

Good Monday class, well done ladies, but…

Sorry to hear one our ladies had to spend Sunday night in hospital after a fall at home.  Suspected broken hip!  Luckily sent home bruised but not broken…….doc was very pleased to know she was doing Pilates, not bad for 86.  Speedy recovery so she can join us all in her Pilates class next week!

Dog Day Weekend

Pilates isn’t Just For Christmas

Good morning, is everyone is ready for another great week of Pilates in Bisley.

Really looking forward to seeing everyone after the weekend, hope there have been no body ‘catastrophes’!!

I’m sure you have all been practising hard over the weekend! I would love to say the same, however I was puppy sitting and there was no way I could lie on a mat without being chewed with razor sharp teeth!

So fail in the homework department too this week, so guess I have to let you off if you did no Pilates at all either, if you had a dog day weekend like mine.

I have the possibility of a new class in New Haw………exciting stuff!

Looking forward to checking that out at lunchtime!

Still eight Pilates classes in Bisley to look forward to, join me and my happy gang.

Something for the Weekend

Pilates Exercise for the Weekend.


Concentrating on keeping the pelvis in neutral while moving opposite leg and arm.

Lying on your back with your arms by your sides.

Breathe in to prepare

Breathe out and stabilise the body.

Slide the left leg a long the floor away from the torso and take the right arm up and behind your head in a backstroke movement.

Keep abdominal muscles working and don’t let the rib cage arch off the mat.

Only take the arm as far as is possible without loosing neutral pelvis and spine, in most cases this will mean the arm will not touch the floor.

Inhale as you lengthen the arm away from the leg and breathe out as you return both limbs to their starting position.

Repeat 6 times each side.

Pilates for the weekend