Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes

With all venues now closed for the Covid-19 lockdown I am now running classes via Zoom, please check my Pilates on Zoom page or contact me direct for more information.

Pilates can be taught in classes or on a private one-to-one basis.
My classes are in and around the Bisley and Woking areas, but my one-to-one classes can take me anywhere! I can do them at one of my venues or in your own home or even your place of work if you wanted!

My classes are fairly small and none of them are drop in sessions. you can be any age, sex,any ability. Small numbers are safer to teach in a class as if there are to many it would be hard to teach in a class as to many would be hard to check alignments and to make sure the exercises are being done safely and as correctly as possible.

Each week can be the same, slightly different or completely different. Sometime I may have clients who message me to ask if we can work on a specific area and I try incorporate it in class. If it benefit’s one, it benefit’s all!Plank pilates exercise performed by Jackie

The exercises can be standing, on all fours, lying on your front or back and on your side. I try to do a mixture to work the whole body. The exercises can also incorporate the use of stretchy bands, balls, and toning circles.

I have often been asked if I teach beginners  Pilates classes. Well, if you have never done Pilates before then I would need recommend  at least one private session. In this I will do an assessment of you, look at body issues and highlight problem areas and show you a selection of basic exercises that I will teach you, then get you to do. This usually takes about an hour and 15 minutes.a high spiral curl pilates exercise with Jackie Brealey

I am also willing to do 2 or maybe 3 at a time though this would take longer and be costed accordingly.

Once you have completed an assessment one-to-one we can make a mutual decision as to whether you can join our Pilates classes. I am usually happy for this, but it has to be your decision too.

When you join our Pilates classes I would place you nearest me in the room and you would do a selection of exercises that everyone is doing and a selection of ones just for you.

Everyone works at their own pace, everyone has different strengths and flexibilities so even if I did run a separate beginners class, at the end of a four week period all the class would be a different levels anyway. So I am happy for my ‘newbies’ to join existing Pilates classes, all my clients are lovely and welcome any newcomers very warmly. Everyone was a beginner once!!

I live in Bisley and did my training with Body Control in London and I am qualified Intermediate Matwork instructor.

I have also completed courses in Pilates for the Elderly, Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis, Standing Pilates, and Pilates with Small equipment (balls, stretchy bands, toning circles, small balls and baby arc).

Please download, fill in and bring my Personal Details and Health Assesment form with you.

Personal Details & Health Assessment Form
Personal Details & Health Assessment Form


Pilates Class payment

Pilates classes are £10 per session paid monthly in advance. £12 per class if you pay weekly, please check availability.

At present due to the situation, classes will be £10 and you can pay weekly in case circumstances change.
I usually ask for a months payment in advance to guarantee your place each Pilates class, (waived temporarily).

Please contact me for Pilates booking enquiries.

Re-align – Re-shape- Repair with Pilates with Jackie.