Why Jackie?

Hi, I am Jackie Brealey and I am a mum who has been teaching
Pilates classes for over 13 years.

My ‘children’ are now 25 and 30 so I can concentrate on what I enjoy, helping my clients get the best out of their bodies iPurple top with Jackie Brealeyn classes or privately.

I live in Aldeshot and did my training with Body Control in London and I am qualified Intermediate Matwork instructor.

I have also completed courses in Pilates for the Elderly, Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis, Standing Pilates, and Pilates with Small equipment (balls, stretchy bands, toning circles, small balls and baby arc).

As well as teaching my own classes and private clients, I am also the cover Pilates Instructor for classes at the Pennyhill Park Spa, The Berystede Hotel and The Fitness Space gym in Ascot.

At present I am attending a training course to teach children and young people.

I have worked with children in a After School Setting and would love to have children’s classes to teach good body control from a young age, which hopefully will help them not to learn the bad postural habits we fall into as we get older!

However, I also love teaching my older clients, it’s great to get them moving and they are so much fun in class.

My oldest client is 92 and is marvellous!

There is no age limit to teaching Pilates and I love the fact that it can be adapted to suit all ages, all body types, and is a great from of remedial exercise as well as or the more athletic!

I started Pilates 22 years ago because I had quite severe neck and back problems due to a fall at was 21.
Hospitalised for a week and with a metal collar for five months with herniated disc symptoms and a lots of pain. I was told I ‘could’ be in a wheelchair by my 30’s! It also gave me referred problems in my back and hips and then…… I discovered Pilates.

My pain is so much better and i am so much fitter in my 50’s than i was in my 30’s. Many of my clients have back and neck problems, also knee and shoulder problems, so don’t think an injury will prevent you from doing Pilates, it really can help.

If you wish to join one of my classes, have one to one help or just want more information please just ask.

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