One to One

Pilates “One to One”

With the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions lifted I am now able to offer private sessions again within peoples own homes, with precautions! HoweverI am doing private sessions via Zoom, please check my Pilates on Zoom page or contact me direct for more information.

A Pilates “one to one” can be a beginner’s assessment or a private lesson.

As an assessment it is for a beginner to discuss body issues and go through any injuries and teach the basic principles so you are able to drop into a class. Please download, fill in and bring my Personal Details and Health Assessment form with you, it saves valuable time.teaser Pilates exercise with Jackie

As private lesson a one to one can be whatever you want or need it to be. We can work on specific body issues or just run through complete body work out.

You can either come to one of my venues or I can come to you. I also will do one to ones (up to three people) in Aldershot. If you have never done Pilates before then the first session would be an assessment (see above).

If you have attended lessons before and I can work on any body issues or injuries you have. You may want to tailor make your sessions to incorporate exercises to help in any sports to you do. You may have been referred by a ‘coach’ in that sport or a medical practitioner. That is the beauty of the Pilates method we can make it work for you!

I also have a clients with dis-abilities or mobility issues and it is easier and more practical to go to them. It is your choice.

Pilates Assessment Session

Assesement – £50.00
A pilates assessment takes one hour and fifteen minutes, it would really help if you could download, fill in and bring with you my Personal Details and Health Assesment form.

Personal Details & Health Assessment Form
Personal Details & Health Assessment Form

Private Pilates sessions

One to One – £50.00 class one hour
One to Two – £25.00 per person per hour
One to Three £20.00 per person per hour

Please contact me with your needs or any questions about “one to one” sessions.

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